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TIER RUG centres on the effects of two specific educational interventions: the introduction of performance standards and selfregulated learning in primary education.

Performance standards for the end of primary education are introduced by the government to enhance learning achievement in language and mathematics. In various studies different aspects of the setting of standards are studied: the process of standard setting by teachers, the use of standards in classroom practice, standards and datafeedback and the effects on learning achievement of students.

The fact that today’s society requires students to learn in a self-regulated way during and after schooling has led to an increasing interest in educational research on improving learning and making it more efficient. Though most of the studies on students’ acquisition of self-regulated learning are consistent regarding its general positive impact on academic achievement, teachers do not always know how to stimulate self-regulated learning in practice. In the TIER RUG-projects attitude and practices of teachers are studies, an intervention is introduced and the effects on the use of self-regulated strategies and learning achievement is measured.