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Dr. Carla Haelermans

I am an associate professor in education economics at TIER, Maastricht University.

My main research interests are in education economics and labour economics. I have done quite some work on the effectiveness of ICT-tools in education, parental involvement in education, efficiency of education, and the effectiveness of education and labour market policies. 

I am the project leader of several evaluation studies in education, focusing on topics such as the effectiveness of ICT-tools in secondary education for math and literacy, the effectiveness of summer schools, and active labour market policies, such as retraining programmes. 

I am responsible for the coordination of the University Teaching Qualification (in Dutch: BKO) for the Faculty of Humanities and Science of Maastricht University and I am the coordinator of the research methods course of the Master of Evidence Based Innovation in Teaching (MEBIT, 60 ECTS), a research oriented master for teachers. Furthermore, I am the coordinator of the 30 ECTS Premaster program of the MEBIT, which is developed mainly for primary school teachers who are not directly eligible for the master MEBIT.