Dr. Carla Haelermans

Carla Haelermans is an associate professor in education economics at TIER, Maastricht University.

Her main research interests are in education economics and labour economics and inequality. She has done quite some work on the effectiveness of ICT-tools in education, parental involvement in education, efficiency of education, and the effectiveness of education and labour market policies.

She is the project leader of several evaluation studies in education, focusing on topics such as the effectiveness of ICT-tools in secondary education for math and literacy, the effectiveness of summer schools, and active labour market policies, such as retraining programmes.

She is responsible for the coordination of the University Teaching Qualification (in Dutch: BKO) for the Faculty of Humanities and Science of Maastricht University and she is educational director of the Master of Evidence Based Innovation in Teaching (MEBIT, 60 ECTS), a research oriented master for teachers. Furthermore, she is the coordinator of the research methods course and the statistics course of the MEBIT.


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