Stimulating comprehensive reading and writing in primary education

Start date: 01 september 2010

Danny Kostons en Greetje van der Werf

long term/indirect policy relevant


Summary of the project

Comprehensive reading and the ability to write clearly are essential for students in primary school. Interventions aimed at improving these skills are on one hand aimed at stimulating the process: Students are taught strategies that should help while reading or writing. On the other hand, interventions are aimed at the eventual product, by providing students with questions before they start reading a text, or by providing them with the assessment criteria for their written products. In this project, we investigate the effects of different interventions both on an outcome-level (comprehensive reading scores, scores on written products) as well as on a process-level (by means of, for example, eye tracking and interviews).


Current status of the project:


Data from the first half of participants have been collecxted for both the comprehensive reading as well as the writing studies (March 2011). Data-analyses with regard to comprehensive reading show favorable results: product-oriented support mostly lets students perform better on text-specific questions, whereas process-oriented support mostly lets students perform better on general comprehension of the text. The second half of the data will be collected in April 2011. Articles based on these studies should be submitted just after Summer 2011, with the next studies planned for January 2012.





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