Meta-analysis and synthesis of research

Start date: 01 september 2009

Anouk Donker-Bergstra en Hester de Boer

long term/indirect policy relevant

Summary of the project

Many research shows that strategies for self-regulated learning, including (as main component) metacognitive strategies, have impact on academic achievement. Numerous (quasi-)experiments are carried out to train students of various ages (ranging from early elementary school up to university students) in enhancing their metacognition and/or capacity to self regulate their learning. This improvement in skills should also improve their academic performance, since metacognition has an own, unique contribution to academic outcomes, next to intelligence (Veenman, Wilhelm & Beishuizen, 2004).

As metacognition and self-regulated learning are broad constructs, many components can be included in training to enhance it. For instance, when relating it to the learning phases of Zimmerman (2008), we distinguish strategies for planning, monitoring and evaluating. These categories can be separated into many sub categories which all have their own strategies to improve learning (for instance, in the monitoring phase, there are strategies for comprehension, memorizing, elaboration of content, etc.). However, it is unclear which components are most influential, or, in other words, which strategies have the strongest influence on academic achievement. This meta-analysis aims to answer this question.

A literature search on the databases ERIC and PsychInfo was conducted. Search terms were “metacognit*” and “self-reg*” and the literature had to be published between 2000 and 2010, to cover the latest decennium of research. Other criteria are described in the paper.

We focus on primary and secondary education and this led to a total amount of around 60 articles, describing around 70 studies, in our analysis. A coding scheme was developed to code each article, interrater reliability reached 0.90.

Current status of the project:


All studies are coded and analysis has been carried out. We are currently writing a paper, which we are planning to submit to a journal before summer.







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