Motivation and social segregation in secondary education.

Start date: 01 september 2009

The Dutch society is trying to provide every student equal opportunities (which does not imply equal outcomes). However, in practice, opportunities are influenced by deterministic characteristics such as the background of the parents or the neighborhood. As such, social segregation arises. Kristof de Witte investigates the extent of social segregation and its influence on the motivation and performance of students and teachers.

Result 1: paper: Cherchye, L., De Witte, K., Ooghe, E. and Nicaise, I. (2009), Equity and Efficiency in Private and Public Education: a nonparametric comparison. Forthcoming in European Journal of Operational Research.

Result 2: journal paper: De Witte, K., Thanassoulis, E., Simpson, G., Battisti, G. and Charlesworth-May, A. (2009), Assessing pupil and school performance by non-parametric and parametric techniques. Forthcoming in Journal of the Operational Research Society.



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