School consolidation and pupil outcomes: Evidence from dutch reform data

Start date: 01 januari 2009

Monique de Haan, Edwin Leuven, Hessel Oosterbeek



short term/direct policy relevant


Research question: In this project we investigate the effects of school consolidationon pupil test scores in primary education. Method: in the mid 1990s, the closing down rules (opheffingsnormen) were changed. This has created a large decrease in the number of primary schools, particularly through mergers between schools. Since the number of pupils did not change much, the average school size increased during this period. By exploiting the fact that these changes in the closing down rules differed between municipalities, this study examines what the effect is of school consolidation on the literacy and numeracy performance of pupils in primary education. Status: At this moment we are collecting the data that we need for this project.

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