Lengthening of School Hours and Juvenile Crime

Start date: 01 januari 2009

Jian Huang, Henriëtte Maassen van den Brink, Wim Groot

short term/direct policy relevant


Dutch government attempted in 2008 to make sure schools meet the 1,040 hour legal obligation and that if schools did not meet this demand, they would be penalized. We aim to evaluate the short term impact of increased school hours due to this education reform on the change of juvenile crime rate.

With the information of the change of juvenile crime rate across municipalities and the increase of school hours across municipalities (by taking average of the change of school hours for all school in the municipality), we will assess whether the increase of school hours mitigate the juvenile crime by keeping kids busy and off the street, or whether the increase of school hours leads to the increase of the number of potentially volatile interactions among youth as the geographic concentration of juveniles is elevated at the same time. We will assess whether the effects of increased hours are varied over the nature of crime.

Status: New project since September 2009

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