The effect of peer socioeconomic status on student achievement: a meta-analysis

Start date: 01 januari 2009

Reyn van Ewijk, Peter Sleegers

Indirect/long term policy relevant


Research question: Several previous studies have examined the effect of the average socio-economic status of students' class- or schoolmates on their school performance. The findings from these studies varied considerably. In this study, we quantitatively compare these previous studies (meta-analysis) to find out why their results differed and to reconcile their findings. Method: meta-analysis. Results: we show that the estimates researchers will find on the size of this effect depend strongly on how they measure socio-economic status and on their choice of analysis model. Estimates for a hypothetical study, making a number of "ideal" choices, suggest that peer SES is an important determinant of academic achievement. Status: finished paper, submitted

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