Evaluating the impact of teachers' group performance incentives in Dutch vocational training schools

Start date: 01 januari 2009

We use a field experiment to investigate the effectiveness of teacher incentives to raise students' academic outcomes in Dutch vocational training schools. This is all the more important, as around 15 percent of students attending these schools leave public education without any qualifications. We will set up a rank order tournament among teams of teachers in a randomly selected set of schools, and provide monetary rewards as a function of the relative improvement in their students' achievements. To investigate the incentive effects of competition per se, in a second set of randomly selected schools we will provide information to teams of teachers about their ranking in terms of students' outcomes, but no monetary incentives. To evaluate the causal effect of these two programs on students' learning outcomes as well as teachers' behaviour (teaching methods etc.), we will compare the schools in the two programs with a set of control schools.

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