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Sneyers E. and De Witte K.: Interventions in higher education and their effect on student success: a meta-analysis

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This paper provides a meta-analysis on the effect of academic probation, student-faculty mentoring and need-based grants on various student outcomes. Using 25 (quasi-) experimental studies, we find that an academic dismissal policy has a significant negative effect on retention (d=-.17), while it does not have an effect on graduation. Student-faculty mentoring, on the other hand, has a positive significant effect on both retention (d=.15) and graduation (d=.10). Need-based grants are proven to have a positive significant effect on enrollment (d=.05), retention (d=.05) and graduation (d=.05). Based on the general effect sizes of each intervention, student-faculty mentoring has the largest influence on student outcomes. The latter intervention improves retention and graduation of the treatment group by, respectively, 8% and 5% compared to the control group.
JEL-Classification: B4; I21; I23
Key words: Higher education; Academic dismissal policy; Need-based grants; Student-faculty mentoring; Student outcomes; Meta-analysis

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