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Carrillo C., Maassen van den Brink H. and Groot W.: The effectiveness of different components of a teacher in-service training program in Peru

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Previous studies have shown that in-service training for teachers has a positive effect on student achievement. Also, evidence is found for decreasing returns of this type of training on Math & Reading comprehension of students. As the in-service training consists of different components, it is relevant to analyze the effects of these different components. This paper uses data for 2015 of the Peruvian in-service teacher-training program to assess the impact of the different components of the training on students’ achievement.

We find for both Math & Reading comprehension a strong relation between students’ achievement and the components related to the training of skills within the classroom (classroom visits and micro workshops). The component related to general training (update workshops) appears to have no effect.

We test the robustness of the results using different thresholds for the level of compliance that might be used for considering a teacher “treated” on each of the components. The findings make us conclude that - from a public policy perspective - classroom visits and micro workshops are the pillars on which the intervention must be based, rather than the update workshop component that has a low impact on student performance. An analysis from a Cost-effective perspective confirms the results and provides evidence of the advantages of applying these two components simultaneously.



Impact evaluation; Difference-in-difference; components of training; in-service teachers training; student achievement.

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