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Carrillo Purin C., Maassen van den Brink H. and Groot W.: The sustainability of the impact of the Peruvian teacher in-service training program on student achievement over time

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Previous studies have found positive and heterogeneous effects of the Peruvian in-service program for teachers on Math & Reading comprehension of students. Additionally, they find that the in-service program is cost-effective and that it is recommended to scale this program up to a national level.

This study analyzes whether the impact of the in-service program for teachers on student achievement are maintained over time.

Using a Difference-in-differences model on educational data for public schools for the 2014-2016 period it is found that there is a positive but decreasing- effect on student achievement when the Program is delivered for 2 years in comparison to only one year of intervention, while the third year of training has no impact on student achievement. We test for the robustness of the results by dropping the extreme values of the sample. This finding may reconsider the established policy of providing teacher training for 3 consecutive years to complete the program. If there is no impact of the third year training, it is better to re-allocate those resources and to use them to train new teachers or to finance alternative educational interventions.

We also assess the cost-effectiveness of the 2-years training and find that for both type of schools it is more cost effective to coach the teachers for Reading than for Math, so the government must consider this if they want to expand the scale of the program.



Impact evaluation; Difference-in-difference; Professional development; duration of training; in-service teachers training; student achievement.

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